Robots are nowadays becoming a necessity in human society. With advancement in technology, robots have replaced humans in many job sectors. We provide an excellent opportunity for you to explore the interesting world of robotics.Be a master in robotics within no time with the well arranged course structure.Explore the world of Robotics…

  • Introduction to robotics
  • State Machines
  • Arduino introduction with schematics and spec
  • Arduino IDE platform

Programming and Hardware

  • Digital Write
  • Digital Read
  • Different states machines using LEDs
  • AnalogRead
  • AnalogWrite
  • Fading
  • Serial Communication
  • Accelerometer
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • IR sensor
  • DC motors
    • Different types of motors
    • Working of motors
    • Motor interface with arduino
  • Industrial robotics
    • Medical industry
    • Automobile industry
    • Path following robot
    • Android robot

Arduino UNO X 1

Accelerometer x 1

HC sr04 x 1

BO motor x 2

Chasis x 1

Wheels x 1

Castor wheel x 1

Motor driver x 1

USB cable x 1

IR sensor array x 1

Bluetooth module x 1

Jumper wires

*Hands on experience on all topics

*Value added certification

*Duration ; 2 days

*Fee : Rs 1000 per head
(Kit not included)

*Take away kits provided as per request
(extra charges apply)